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Letting Go and Allowing In: A Summary The final sentence in the first issue in the series was: “’Being too eager to fill the space

What happened in those final few seconds to the Polish President’s plane and its 96  passengers and crew as it crashed short of the Smolensk

For most of my working life, love has not been an idea in good currency in organizations—to say the least.1 When, in the eighties, I

It has been said that “Success has many parents, but failure is an orphan.” When it comes to successful change, however, it seems to me

Guidelines For Converting Employee Wisdom Into Action  Several years ago I had the opportunity to be involved in a very large-scale re engineering project, intended

John Scherer & Amy Barnes  On March 16 we did a workshop on this topic for 10 YPO colleagues. This article, a summary of what

What to Do About Them? Why are emotions so scary to so many people—especially in the workplace? The leaders I know are usually extremely wary of

Whatever Happened To Free Will?  Why You Do What You Do As A Leader  In the last issue, based on John’s next book, FIVE QUESTIONS

FIVE DEGREES OF FREEDOM or HOW AND WHEN TO DELEGATE by John Scherer This is my version of a concept developed by William Oncken, a

The Role Of Emotions In Leadership—part Ii Why We Are So Afraid Of Them by John Scherer  In this series of newsletter issues, John explores what

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