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This insightful video delves into the significance of effective mentoring, emphasizing its pivotal role in successful organizations. The author explores the essence of mentoring, distinguishing

This video delves into the realm of mentoring, focusing on personal development skills and capabilities crucial for effective mentorship. Borrowing insights from Robert Kirchhoff, the

This insightful video delves into the concept of facing challenges, metaphorically represented by the tiger, as a case study for personal and team development. Emphasizing

This insightful video explores navigating life’s complexities by finding the “sweet spot” for maximum effectiveness. It delves into the constant pulls individuals face – their

This video explores the intricate connection between personal development and organizational success. Drawing from a 1993 Canadian study on 326 companies, it reveals a direct

This insightful video delves into the core concept of the Interpersonal Gap by John Wallen, highlighting its profound impact on coaching, leadership development, consulting, and

This insightful video delves into the concept of powerlessness stemming from the need to be right. It emphasizes the process of interpreting events, seeking agreement,

This insightful video explores the concept of MRI (Most Respectful Interpretation) as a powerful tool for personal development and effective communication. Focused on navigating conflicts,

This insightful video delves into the seven sources of power, adapted from French and Raven’s classic “The Five Bases of Social Power.” It explores the


The last issue addressed the need to develop ‘self-mastery’ based on poet David Whyte’s quote: ‘The ego’s goal is to have power OVER life’s experiences. 

The Secrets of Enlightened Leadership At the end of the workshop with John, we took a few minutes to stop and reflect on things he

The way we deal with emotion is the most frequent source of difficulty in our relations with others. Although feelings about other people and about

During our sixty plus years of combined experience coaching and consulting with a wide variety of people in a number of different of contexts, we

(Excerpted from Chapter 12 of Five Questions that Change Everything) Many years ago, as this apocryphal story goes, there was a village in a barren

It is too light a thing that you do, just being my servant and raising up the tribes of Jacob to restore the survivors of Israel.

Janet had spent the last three years abroad as a loyal spouse supporting her husband in his job as a senior executive of an American

Personal Theological Reflections on a Contemporary Philosophy of Transformation The stated and intended outcome of the world’s great religions is changed lives. This usually means not

When prejudice and negative judgments shift to understanding and respect, what is it exactly that changes? Is it the way someone thinks about someone else,

Letting Go and Allowing In: A Summary The final sentence in the first issue in the series was: “’Being too eager to fill the space

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