It is too light a thing that you do. . .

It is too light a thing that you do, just being my servant and raising up the tribes of Jacob to restore the survivors of Israel. I am giving you as a light to all the nations, that my salvation will reach to the ends of the earth. Isaiah 49:6

This verse has pinned me to the wall since the first time I read it. 

In it God is saying, ‘Isaiah, what you have been up to—just bringing God’s love to the people of Israel—is not “heavy” enough. You need to expand your concept of what you are about. I want you to start reaching out to everyone.’ In Hebrew, ‘heavy’ is the word kavod, which it means something like ‘weight’ or ‘impact.’ God is chastising Isaiah for playing too small, playing it safe, doing what contains the least risk, or is the most familiar. The result: not having the impact he is capable of having, not living up to the fullness of who he is. What is God saying to you in this verse? 

Be careful. God is not challenging us to become overextended, stressed-out, Type A do gooders. God is challenging us to step back and take a closer look at what we are up to in our lives and see if it is ‘heavy’ enough. Look to discern what we have been putting our considerable gifts in the service of, and checking if the impact that has occurred around and through us has been worthy of who we are. For me, personally, this means that I need to watch out lest I think it is enough to get people to sign up for the seminars I lead or generate money each month to make payroll. I can hear God saying, ‘That is way too light a thing, John. I didn’t put you here to fill seminars or make payroll! I put you here to contribute to the transformation and healing of my people, and the unleashing of the human spirit at work. Get after that, John. That’s far ‘heavier’ and a far more impactful reason to be alive.’

Dear God, if you have to, hit us between the eyes with your love, that we might have the faith to take the risk to go for what would be ‘heavier’ in your eyes. Help us unhook from the fear that keeps us from really letting your love flow through us. Take us beyond our own understanding of what we are here for. Your son, Jesus, went all out on your behalf with the gifts you gave him; empower us with your spirit to follow him and do the same. AMEN

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