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Even though there are signs that the global economic crisis may be passing, organizations and their leaders are still facing very difficult decisions, often involving

Not long ago we spent two days and an evening with a senior leadership team of a company doing business in Central/Eastern Europe (CEE). Sitting

Not long ago, while consulting in a very complex and high-stakes three-company merger process, my colleagues and I walked into a room with people representing

Your grandparents – perhaps your parents as well – did not work in organizations like the one you work in now! Your world is very

The last issue addressed the need to develop ‘self-mastery’ based on poet David Whyte’s quote: ‘The ego’s goal is to have power OVER life’s experiences. 

Barry Johnson, good friend, author of Polarity Management and creator of the conceptual leadership  method based on that model, has identified 11 polarities that great

The Secrets of Enlightened Leadership At the end of the workshop with John, we took a few minutes to stop and reflect on things he

In the first article in this series, John explored the difficulties we have with Letting Go in the process of opening to a new possibility.

In the last issue, we featured the work of Kurt Lewin, the ‘grandfather’ of the change movement, and the teacher of one of John’s mentors,

Frederick Taylor, the First Modern ‘Change’ Following the Civil War in America (1861-1965), industrialization went rampant. Large factories started dotting the landscape where farms had

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