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About Wiser at Work

Wiser@Work is a new learning platform to explore and deepen your personal growth, using what happens to you in the workplace. It offers blended learning experiences based on the rich library of resources and wisdom of Dr. John Scherer and his closest colleagues.

With cohort-based, premium programs, Wiser@Work will support your life-long growth as a professional and human being. Created with a passion for humanity and progress, we will be growing together with you!

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What Business Leaders & Managers Say

In today’s turbulent world it’s not easy to find a true leader who never stops questioning, focuses on the present, creates real value, explains life’s complexity in simple ways, and shows us how to develop ourselves, our relationships and our organizations. I found one: John Scherer.

Kasia Partyga
VP-HR, Prudential, POLAND

John Scherer belongs to that great tradition of elders who teach through powerful questions. There are few, if any, who can equal him in our times.

Bob Kamm
Author: The Superman Syndrome, USA

John, your materials are an invaluable and rich resource which I draw on all the time to design practices and mini-lessons for my coaching clients. They love the clarity and depth of insight that comes out of your thought exercises, observations and wisdom.

Jean Ogilvie
Coach and Organization Development Consultant, CANADA

I have yet to meet anyone who has perfected the traditions of Organizational Development and personal change like John Scherer. John’s simplicity, power, and life-changing work, have greatly impacted the field of personal and organizational transformation—and my own life.

Dr Roland Sullivan
Co-Editor, Practicing Organization Development, USA

Firsthand knowledge of John’s work has changed my approach to how I think the real work with people should be done. John’s words are intense, light, poetic, and practical all at the same time. I am very thankful for what he has done for me and for my organization!

Dorota Ostoja-Zawadzka
Founder, Pathways Polska, POLAND
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The most popular themes include: conflict resolution, leadership, facilitating change, transformation.

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Experience vs Lesson

We like to think each human being appears on the earth with a three-part assignment: 


To continuously discover and develop into the fullness of who they are


To fully express who they are into the world


In a way that makes a creative contribution to Life

Everyone gets the experience.
Some get the lesson.

Every day you are getting the experiences.
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