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Transcript John Scherer: Innovation and change and so I like to think of this as moving from the past to the possible many of you



This insightful video delves into the significance of effective mentoring, emphasizing its pivotal role in successful organizations. The author explores the essence of mentoring, distinguishing

This video delves into the realm of mentoring, focusing on personal development skills and capabilities crucial for effective mentorship. Borrowing insights from Robert Kirchhoff, the

This insightful video delves into the concept of facing challenges, metaphorically represented by the tiger, as a case study for personal and team development. Emphasizing

This insightful video delves into the realm of Organizational Development (OD) and its pivotal role in navigating change within a company. The discussion centers around

This insightful video explores navigating life’s complexities by finding the “sweet spot” for maximum effectiveness. It delves into the constant pulls individuals face – their

This video delves into Kurt Lewin’s Force Field Analysis, a pivotal tool in organizational development. Originating from Lewin’s work, the concept focuses on analyzing driving

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