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My Tiger ‘Case Study’

This insightful video delves into the concept of facing challenges, metaphorically represented by the tiger, as a case study for personal and team development. Emphasizing the importance of understanding one’s defaults when confronting life situations, it draws parallels to a cardiovascular test, illustrating the need to trace and discover individual reactions. The video guides readers through essential questions, exploring the nature of unresolved situations and their emotional costs. It encourages reflection on previous unsuccessful attempts and envisions positive outcomes when addressing challenges. With a focus on personal growth and teamwork, the narrative positions the tiger as a valuable ally in the journey of self-discovery and development.


My tiger case study. We’d like to actually introduce this concept of facing the tiger and expand and deepen it a little bit for yourself so that it becomes a kind of a case study that you can carry through your LDI experience. Uh, this way, everything that you learn, all the concepts, the models, the skills, when you think about using them, you have context. You have a reason, you have a focus. You have what we call a transfer of learning point. Like, oh, maybe that. So you can always go back to your case study and say, how does that affect the way I’m looking at my case study, what I might do in the face of, uh, my, uh, of my case study. The other reason why we think the Tiger case study is so important is this. If you’ve got a situation in your life that isn’t working the way you would like it to, which is the whole concept of the tiger, then that means that what you normally do, what’s comfortable for you, what’s familiar, your defaults are not working because if you could handle the situation, if you could handle the tiger by doing what comes normally, naturally, comfortably, if your default could handle the tiger, you wouldn’t have the tiger.

So the tiger becomes a kind of a tracing element. Some years ago, had some heart, uh, some tests done on my heart. I’m fine. But anyway, that’s what the test proved. And the last test I took, they put me on a treadmill. I’m an old marathon runner, so. Okay, turn it on. And then they shot this radioactive stuff into my bloodstream so that they could watch what my system did with that stuff. So it was a way to trace and go back and see what, what is John’s, uh, cardiovascular system doing with that element? This is the main reason for this case study with the tiger. You can use it to kind of trace and discover what your default is so you’ll know what isn’t working. Okay. So, uh, here comes some questions that you’re going to ask yourself. Uh, maybe you’ll have a chance to ask it, uh, of someone else, but let me share the screen with you here. Here’s how it works. First of all, what is the situation, the problem, or relationship that you wish were resolved? That’s a way to look at it.

A simple way to look at it. So you want to take these notes if you can. And secondly, how does it cost me? How is it costing me right now to have this situation, costing meaning emotionally in terms of my effectiveness, my relationship, my ability, my motivation, you know, how is it dragging me down or how is it, how is it, uh, what’s the weight of this in my system? Secondly, what have I tried so far that hasn’t worked? Well, I’ve tried avoiding it, I tried this, I tried that, what hasn’t worked okay, that way you can you can kind of set that aside as well. Maybe more of that isn’t going to help. And then finally, what would be possible if or when the situation were resolved, not just for myself but for other people as well, who might benefit? How might the world be a better place? Uh, as I confront this tiger, uh, and I do something about it. Okay. That’s it. Uh. Good luck. Um, I think the tiger is a fabulous friend to have. And you’re going to discover some more friends inside yourself, um, as you go into this experience.


This insightful video delves into essential survival skills for navigating today’s workplace challenges. Covering skills seven to ten, it emphasizes the importance of developing courage to face challenges (symbolized by “tigers”), mastering cross-functional teamwork, adapting to rapid change, and finding purpose beyond routine tasks. The author encourages readers to view their work as contributing to a larger purpose, urging them to quit a mundane job and discover work that aligns with personal passions and makes a meaningful impact. With a focus on personal development, organizational growth, and effective teamwork, the video provides practical advice for thriving in the dynamic modern workplace.

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