Personal Development and Organizational Success

This video explores the intricate connection between personal development and organizational success. Drawing from a 1993 Canadian study on 326 companies, it reveals a direct correlation between a leader’s commitment to personal growth and the prosperity of their organization. The research underscores that thriving businesses align with leaders actively investing in their own development. Furthermore, the piece delves into the concept of leadership as a magnetic field, emphasizing its influence on shaping organizational values. In conclusion, the author suggests that for teams and organizations to flourish, leaders must prioritize their personal growth. The video seamlessly blends insights on personal development, organizational dynamics, and effective leadership strategies.


Personal development and organizational success. What’s the connection? What’s the link between an individual’s personal development and the growth and development of that person’s organization? A fascinating piece of research was done in 1993 in Canada by the Institute of Market-Driven Quality. They examined 326 different companies in various industries and sizes, searching for variables that impacted factors such as share, market share, customer satisfaction, quality, and profit. In other words, they were wondering what are the elements contributing to that? What they found was, when they looked at the high-profit organizations, those that were doing well in terms of the bottom line, and compared them to the ones that weren’t doing very well, they found a directly proportional impact between the leader, the CEO, or the owner of the business, and their commitment to personal development and the growth of their organization. In other words, where the leader and the owner were growing, their business was growing. In organizations where the leader was not growing, the business was not growing. I find this quite astounding. So, my conclusion is, if you want your team, department, or organization to grow and develop, then you need to invest in your own growth and development.

Leadership is what it’s all about. My colleague Amy Barnes and I developed this idea a few years ago that leaders create a kind of magnetic field. The way they are, the way they talk, the way they do things, and don’t do things create a magnetic field around them. Strong leaders have a strong magnetic field. They line up all the iron filings, in a sense, around that leader’s core values and so forth. What about you inside your circle of influence, no matter how large it is? What is your magnetic field all about? What do people get when they’re around you? How do you impact them without even sending emails or making pronouncements? What is it about you as a person, as a leader, that’s genuinely impacting other people? Here are some applications for you. Consider this: What kind of magnetic field are you creating around you, and how do you know that that’s the magnetic field? You might want to talk to people about that. And finally, what core values do you need to express more consciously to say, “You know what, this is what my organization needs right now.” How can I begin to manifest those core values more powerfully? What is my magnetic field about? If I’m into my personal development, my organization, my team, my people are more likely to also be growing and developing.


This insightful video delves into essential survival skills for navigating today’s workplace challenges. Covering skills seven to ten, it emphasizes the importance of developing courage to face challenges (symbolized by “tigers”), mastering cross-functional teamwork, adapting to rapid change, and finding purpose beyond routine tasks. The author encourages readers to view their work as contributing to a larger purpose, urging them to quit a mundane job and discover work that aligns with personal passions and makes a meaningful impact. With a focus on personal development, organizational growth, and effective teamwork, the video provides practical advice for thriving in the dynamic modern workplace.

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