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Facilitator in training – Meta capabilities


The meta capabilities crucial for effective facilitation are outlined in this insightful discourse. The primary meta capability is self-mastery, not in a controlling sense, but as an ongoing journey towards excellence and self-awareness. Lao Tzu’s wisdom underscores the value of understanding oneself. Emotional maturity, the second meta capability, emphasizes managing emotions with a focus on passionate non-attachment. Engaging the witness, the third meta capability, involves mindful self-awareness and observing interactions in a group context. Authenticity, the fourth meta capability, requires being true to oneself, readable, and able to recenter swiftly. The fifth meta capability is openness to feedback and coaching, signifying a genuine eagerness to learn and grow. Challenges in assessing these capabilities include their subjective nature, the importance of self-assessment, and the complexity of the facilitation experience, which combines diverse elements like Aikido, centering, yoga, and breathing. The ultimate goal is personal development over certification, inviting facilitators to embark on a journey of continuous improvement.

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