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The Four Vectors of Purpose


Discover the transformative power of aligning the four vectors of purpose for congruence and impact. Unraveling the essence of purpose, it becomes the defining element, the authentic reasons compelling your actions. Delve into the depths of your motivations, your DNA, guiding your journey from origin to destination. Explore the multifaceted dimensions of purpose – the declared mission, observed actions, external perceptions, and the concealed, perhaps unconventional, incentives propelling your endeavors. Like vectors in physics, harmonizing these purposes creates a robust force, propelling you, your team, or your organization towards a more potent and purposeful existence. Align your purposes, orchestrate your intentions, and witness the impactful transformation in your world.

Video Transcript

The four vectors of purpose aligning. For congruence and impact. I’ll explain what that means. Purpose is so important. What is it? Purpose is the definition, the reason or the reasons that you do something well. Why is that so important? The reason is that where you’re coming from, your reasons for doing your real reasons for doing something, your DNA, what’s inside you about this thing that you’re doing, where you’re coming from, actually determines where you end up. It’s virtually impossible to end up someplace other than what’s really true for you. So where are you coming from? What is your DNA about the purpose of your team, of your organization? Let’s take a look and find out all the different kinds of purposes. There’s what you say you do. This is your public. This is the brochure. This is your what? You sort of this is what you sort of tell people you’re up to, whether it’s a company or a team or your own career. You can do this at a personal level. What do you tell people your life is about or your work is about, and so forth? Secondly, what do you actually do? If a martian came down from outer space and just quietly watched you, or if somebody was invisible and just watched you, or watched your team, or watched your organization perform for a while and didn’t know anything else, but they sat down and said, ah, I think I know what their purpose is. This is it must be connected with what they actually do. And this seems to be what they do. That’s the this is what you do in the real world.

The third kind of purpose is, well, what is it that other people think that you do? What’s your like? What’s your brand? What are they? What are they see you do what do they if they were to watch you or what do they think? What’s the gossip on the street about what you do, which might be different from the others? And then finally, what are the real reasons, the hidden reasons, the secret reasons, the maybe somewhat embarrassing reasons that you do what you do. For instance, I was talking with a college professor at university, actually the the, the dean and his cabinet at a university some years ago. And in a, in a real private moment he said, you know why all of us are here, truth be told, inside of all the reasons for educating people and so forth, we just love to show off. We have egos. We love to stand in front of a room full of adoring people who are just listening to every word we say, so that we can sort of be experts. Now, that’s something you don’t put in the brochure, but it might actually be a significant part of why a university exists. Okay. Now. Here is a principle called vector analysis from physics. Okay. Vectors are a force in the world with a direction and a power. How big is a vector? Tells you how big the force is and where is it aimed? It’s from physics. So if you have an incongruent that is not congruent and unaligned set of these four purposes, what you get is this.

This is this is what you say you do. This is what you actually do. And if this is what people think you do, and if these are some of the real reasons that you do all these very different, what you end up with is this what’s called in physics, you get this resultant force in the world. We’ll look at that. It’s it’s kind of not aligned really with much of anything. And it’s shorter than it could be. But if your purposes, if those four purposes are lined up, then you get what you say. You do, what you really do, what people think you do, and your secret reasons for doing it. When you get that, you get this much more powerful force in the world, whether it’s your organization or your team or yourself for your own career. So here we go. There’s a worksheet now that you’re going to see in the materials on the site. Just click on it and use this with your self or your team to identify what is your what do you think these four are, and then see if you can line them up. My advice? Line them up. Begin to move them so that they’re more congruent and more in alignment, so that what you say you do, what you actually do, what people think you do, and the secret reasons you do it are actually what you do. And you’ll get this tremendous more force. Be a more powerful, more purposeful force in the world. Line up your purposes, line up your reasons for doing what you do and watch what happens in the world.

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