Advanced Certified Program for Leaders of Change


September 2022 Group


The OD ACADEMY is a direct response to a rapidly changing job market which, due to pandemic and other current trends is requiring different skillsets from people-professionals.

With over 40 years of practice and research, Dr. John J. Scherer gathered some of the most significant minds of this discipline to pass forward the precious and unique know-how.

Divided into 8 modules, this program guides practitioners in a structured way through frameworks, useful models and teaches skills essential to be a proficient OD leader.

With an international audience in mind, this program is designed to equip participants in skills necessary to be a significant partner and sometimes even a guide to business leaders in running large, innovative, international organizations and create thriving and positive working cultures.

Learning objectives

Message from Our leader

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For several years a small group of colleagues and I have been accumulating our best material and techniques to pass on in forwarding the important work of transforming individuals, groups and organizations. Three years ago a colleague, Dr. Noushin Bayat, collected, collated and organized every piece of material from my 40+ years of practice, preparing it for use by people like you, the next generation of change artists. It will be a delight to introduce you to this material – as  well as the good stuff from my closest consultant colleagues – and to the skills and principles we apply in our work.

Theres a catch: In order for you to take on the work of transforming others, helping them deepen and grow in their mastery, you must live in that place yourself. More important than mastering the theories and skills of the work, The OD Academy is about self-mastery, working on yourself as the instrument of transformation. Like an outdoor guide, you cant take others where you have not been. 

My personal mission with this course is to help you become a successful, effective, deeply fulfilled change artist, making a huge difference in your world–and in The World. Whether you are a seasoned change artist, a leader/manager, or a novice, The OD Academy will unleash you into a place of greater confidence and competence you might not have thought possible.

If you are ready to take on the task of transforming the world at work™, starting from where you are right now, join us for three months of intensive personal and professional development that will equip you to find and effectively express your best, most power-full Self into our turbulent world. 

John Scherer

OD is our future!

In rapidly changing times there is no space for managing human resources – we all know that human beings are work in progress and our mission as people-professionals is to help them thrive in the workplace, making it an efficient business organism at he same time.

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In this carefully curated program, 24 practitioners from all around the world will learn, share and practice together in a friendly, creative atmosphere guided by some of the most significant mids of the OD industry.

HR Managers

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OD Practitioners

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Leaders of Change

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Methods of learning

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8 live virtual sessions

Every three weeks you will participate in a 4-h live group session with Dr. John J. Scherer and other faculty members. You will have:

  • unique lectures
  • Q&A’s
  • demos
  • case studies
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Weekly groupwork

In groups of 4 you will have a weekly practice and group coaching sessions where you can:

  • solve your challenges
  • ask questions
  • help others
  • widen your toolset
  • practice what youve learned
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Online materials

You will receive a daily piece of inspiration as well as access to:

  • videos
  • articles
  • audios
  • templates
  • forum
  • webinars and more!


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Dr John J. Scherer, Dean

From 1973-1982 John was co-developer and Core Faculty of Americas first competence-based graduate program in the applied behavioral sciences, and is an internationally-respected change consultant and leadership coach. His clients have included large and small businesses and not-for-profit organizations around the world. Recognized by Stephen Coveys Magazine as one of AmericaTop 100 Thought Leaders in Personal/Leadership Development, he is a pioneer in the emerging field that shares the name of his 1993 book, Work and the Human Spirit

As a former Vietnam-era Combat Officer on a US Navy Destroyer, Lutheran Chaplain at Cornell University, Gestalt and Family Systems Therapist, Graduate School co-creator, author, and successful business consultant and coach, John brings a unique perspective to his life and work. Since 1987, business and community leaders from 55 nations have graduated from his Executive and Leadership Development Intensives.  

John is a natural innovator: He was Co-developer (1978) of The People Performance Profile, the first holistic, computer-scored diagnostic OD/OE tool for identifying and addressing organizational change opportunities. His Breakthrough Series (1985) was one of the first applications of video-based high-performance training designed for regular team meetings. His most recent book, Facing the Tiger: Unleashing the Human Spirit at Work, has been called The best business self-help book ever writtenWiser@Work, his new online resource portal and personal/professional development network, is going live in 2022. 

Now working internationally from a base in Warsaw, Poland, John is the father of four, a former U.S. Masters Swimmer, a two-time Marathon runner, does yoga and High-Intensity Interval Training, plays the guitar (as an old rock & roller), does the occasional magic show, and loves to read a good spy novel.

Lynnea Brinkerhoff, MSOD
Associate Dean

Long-time Facilitator of LDIs and EDIsLynnea has served as a leadership and change consultant to American Express, Disney University, ACE Hardware, Deloitte & ToucheReebok, General Motors, New York City Police, AmRest and others, Lynnea excels at leading strategic implementation efforts, crafting 360 performance-management processes, and conducting executive coaching. Lynnea held managerial positions at Southwestern Bell Media, AMKO/Digitech and The Marriott Corporation, and is a graduate of Pepperdineprestigious MS-OD Program. 

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Pauline Holland, MSOD
Associate Dean

Through her work as an Executive/Team Coach, and through her Leadership and Organisation Development work, she enables individuals and groups to harness their energy in pursuit of their higher personal and organisational goals.

Her clients describe her as someone who is first and foremost a deep listener and who is able to create a safe space for speaking openly and frankly. She is also someone who is insightful and incisive and who challenges people to think differently about the relational dimension of their role as leaders and to think systemically about the issues that challenge them in their day to day work.


Module 1  – You ARE the Intervention
5pm – 8:30pm CEST
/8am – 11:30am   

+ Module 2 – Initial Contact & ‘Stakeholder Analysis’
  5pm – 8:30pm CEST /8am – 11:30am,

+ Module 3 – System Diagnosis: Action Research – 
5pm – 8:30pm CEST /8am – 11:30am

+ Module 4 – System Diagnosis Working with Data – 
5pm – 8:30pm CEST /8am – 11:30am

+ Module 5 – Preparing Decision-Makers – 
5pm – 8:30pm CEST /8am – 11:30am

+ Module 6 – From Breakthrough Thinking to Action – 
5pm – 8:30pm CEST /8am – 11:30am

+ Module 7 – Whole System Transformation: Three Methods – 
5pm – 8:30pm CEST /8am – 11:30am

Module 8 – Final Learnings & Next Steps – 
5pm – 8:30pm CEST /8am – 11:30am

Tuition: €3,500 +VAT for the Full Course.

In this carefully curated program, 24 practitioners from all around the world will learn, share and practice together in a friendly, creative atmosphere guided by some of the most significant mids of the OD industry.

Payment plans

a one-time payment of 3,500 +VAT, or four payments of 930 + VAT. Invoices on request.

Early Bird Registration

Register before June 31 for a 10% reduction in tuition for both plans.


The program enables receiving certification of profficiency in OD.

To receive it, you need to follow the program guidelines and present a case study from your OD work at the end of the program.

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