Leadership in Times of Crisis

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Facing the Tiger

The Seven F’s (What is your ‘default’ and where do you need to ‘stretch’?)

WHAT changes when things change: The Waterline and The Funnel

HOW change happens: Lewin’s Three-Phase Process

WHERE change needs to happen: Force Field Analysis

Facilitating Change: Adaptive Leadership

Application to your real-world situations

Workshop Instructor

Dr. John J. Scherer – Founder & President, Scherer Leadership Center

You don’t need to change  yourself.
You need to come home to yourself.
This changes everything

About The Program

Covid has turned the world upside down. Every, team, company–even every relationship–has been impacted. There will be no ‘re-set’, no ‘back to the way it was’. If so, then having a sustainable team, company or relationship will depend on its capacity to adapt (change), which means this crisis creates an opportunity to make all the changes you have been wanting for a long time. And that takes a certain kind of leadership skill–and way of thinking–that I call ‘Facing the Tiger’.

What participants will learn

How to ‘Face your Tigers’ and what happens when you don’t

Discover your ‘default’ tiger-facing approach and what could work better

Try on ‘Adaptive Leadership’, a much-needed approach to crisis and change

Learn and practice the ‘Adventus Process’ which helps you CREATE the future, rather than waiting for things to ‘go back to the way they were’

For whom it is designed

Business (C-Level executives in large or corporate organizations)

Anyone facing the need to facilitate change in their (human) system

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