Leadership Development Intensive

A 4-Day Onsite Program
with Dr. John J. Scherer

September 10-13th, 2024 Poland
November 2024 Seattle, United States

Trusted By Leading Enterprises Around The World

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The Program &
The Ourcome

LDI is NOT Leadership Training, it is Leadership DEVELOPMENT

From the Old French, ‘desveloper’, which means ‘to discover’, to ‘unwrap’, to ‘find’. LDI helps you discover, unwrap, find your authenc self and boost your leadership capabilities.

  • Find out how your default reactions to difficult and challenging situations (‘tigers’) have been driving – and limiting – you.
  • Take a big step toward changing from an ‘automatic’ to an ‘authentic’ way of living and dealing with confrontations of any kind. You are a leader and a human being.
  • Discover the person inside the position. Become the leader you are capable of being. The effects are transformational and lasting.

LDI builds on your strengths and helps you discover capabilities you may have not known you possess, or ones you have been reluctant to use.

Sessions are designed to challenge your current way of thinking and expand the ways you manage yourself, thus maximizing your performance and the performance of those around you.

You will learn some powerful models and theories like The Waterline, The 3 Worlds, The Sweet Spot, TOV, Persona& Shadow, centering, mindfulness, and many more, turning your workplace into a great ‘classroom’ for personal and professional development.

You don't need to change yourself. You need to come home to yourself. This changes everything.
With this simple sentence John Scherer revolutionized leadership development.
Since 1980, over 1000 leaders around in 55 countries have graduated from this powerful program.

Benefits of Participation in the LDI

The 5 Questions



What challenging and difficult situations – “tigers” – do I need to face?


What is my history with simi­lar situations, what are my expectations, my hopes and fears, my predictions?


What RUNS me?

What is my ‘default’ way of handling things like this?

How am I on ‘automatic’ without realizing it, and how does that impact my effectiveness?

How am I limiting my options?

What CALLS me?

What “inside” strengths and capabilities call out to be expressed more fully in my life and work?

What kind of “outside” situations  call  for my attention?


What will UNLEASH me?

What will empower me to step into my fu 11 potential I’ve had insights before.

What will make this experience different?

From The Author


From the Introduction to Facing the Tiger: Remember You don’t need to change yourself. You need to come home to yourself. This changes everything. . . And that means coming home to your Self.

Not the little self, the one that worries all the time, tries hard to impress people, and keep up the illusion of safety and control. I mean coming home to the huge Self, the one that truly lives and loves, knows why it’s here, and can’t wait for the next sunrise. The one that yearns to encounter the next challenging person or situation, because of what will be learned in that fire. Your true Self, your higher or deeper Self, the one who is waiting to be discovered or—re-discovered. That Self.

– Dr John J. Scherer

The Program


a 30-minute online EO self-assessment to help set your development goals for the course.
a 60-minute online conversation with one of the Facilitators, serving as an introduction to the program, its content and logistics.


3.5-day facilitated individual and group development sessions with many experiential activities. Days start at 7:30 with gentle stretching, Aikido, and mindfulness training, followed by morning and afternoon learning sessions.


90-minute group call to assist in 'facing tigers' and applying LOI learnings.
30-day mailing including audio and video materials to support integration
Optional 1-1 coaching sessions are recommended.


3500 USD – US edition + accomodation

3500 EUR – European editon + accomodation

Tuition includes venue, catering, learning materials, certification and a lifetime access to online follow-up materials. 

Download 54
100% money back guarantee (up to 30 days after the program ends)

What's included?

  • Pre-work video materials and a complex diagnostic questionnaire
    Pre-LDI individual online coaching session
    Program materials
    4 residential days of teaching and facilitation
    2 post-LDI group online sessions 30-day mailing including audio and
    video materials to support integration

Average Group Size: 6-12 Participants

Have other questions? Contact our staff or reach out via chat.

Program Schedule

  • DAY 1 – 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Day 2 – 7:30 AM – 7:00 PM
  • DAY 3 – 7:30 AM – 7:00 PM
  • DAY 4 – 7:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Your Guides for this journey

Dr. John J. Scherer

Dr John J. Scherer (Scherer Leadership Center Founder & President) is an international expert on leadership and organization development, working with large/global and small organizations. Men and women from 55 countries have ‘graduated’ from his Executive/Leadership Development Intensive program. His career includes four years as a Combat Officer on a U.S Navy destroyer and a lifetime of practice as a Gestalt Therapist. He is regarded as a ‘father’ of Organization Development as a science and practice in Central/Eastern Europe and an international ambassador of ‘OD’ as a field.

A prodigious writer, his work has been translated into 15 languages. with his latest book being:

Facing The Tiger: Unleashing The Human Spirit at Work (2020).

He is known around the world for his ability to connect with leaders and front-line staff in bringing about profound individual breakthroughs and workplace-wide transformations.

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Lynnea Brinkerhoff

Strategic Partner: Change. Leadership. Conflict. Resilience.

‘Learn to sweat on the sidelines so you don’t have to bleed on the battlefield’ – The Art of War, Sun Tzu

Lynnea works with seasoned and rising executives who are technitcal experts and seek a leap in their professional influence as strategic change leaders. She works globally with individuals, teams and whole system interventions, applying neuroscience and embodied leadership principles to business operations and strategy implementation.

Author, professor, trauma-informed disaster chaplain for Red Cross I FEMA, mediator, world-class speaker, her focus
is on senior level ‘lntra-preneurs’ helping them craft win-win, purpose-driven, values-based legacies while skillfully navigating complex business ecosystems. Lynnea uses
a diverse set of tools, an upbeat yet calming presence and an incisiveness to uncover unspoken aspirations and break unproductive patterns, yielding resilience, authenticity,
conversational intelligence and embodying the future they wish to create now.

About LDI

LDI was created in 1987 in response to a request from a dutch client for “condensed in-depth development experience” for senior executives. Since then, hundreds of leaders, managers and consultants from 30 countries have completed the programme.

It is aimed at leaders who already have some personal development experience, who are self-aware and open to deeper, more intensive transformation. It is ideal for those wishing to develop faster, to prepare for new challenges or to feel that the present moment requires new knowledge and new approaches – for anyone who wants to know themselves and experience more puprose, power and peace.


The program was a good opportunity to pause and reflect on some ideas, decisions and actions that were on my mind at the time. After the program, I was more aware of my intentions and more considerate of my actions. Refocus and deeper inner work would be my two-word answer (when it comes to the impact of the program on me).

PPP accelerated a change process that had started in me. By confronting my views and beliefs with John Scherer's frameworks and, perhaps even more importantly, with the lives and stories of my fellow participants, I realized that I was far from alone in my endeavors, struggles, and fears (many of which became less so after interacting with my peers!).

If you work with people and lead teams, this is the program for you.

I would heartily recommend Purpose, Power, and Peace to others. It is a stellar opportunity to slow down, invest in ourselves and help us get on back on track with what matters. John, with his team and the eclectic group of participants provide a safe space to learn, reflect, and grow.

The program allowed me to explore my new, own path in a safe environment, where I don’t feel judged. It helped me define what is really important to me, what calls me, and how I can shape my life to have more satisfaction and fulfillment. I wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone who is serious about living a conscious life.

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