Facing The Tiger

Facing The Tiger is a proven and practical approach to profound personal development. 

Based on many years of experience working with men and women from around the world, we are able now to offer you a wide range of options, all the way from a simple-but-powerful Kindle book to longer and deeper workshops and programs. No matter where you are on your journey of self-discovery, you can find something right for you.

Learn more about Facing The Tiger concept by John himself – see the video.

Get the book that can change your life!


What does it mean to ‘become all of who we are’? That’s what this book is all about. . . As John says it: You don’t need to change yourself. You need to come home to yourself. This changes everything. A fascinating and potentially life-changing read for all those who love electronic books and personal development.

More than a Book - an Experience

Interactive Book

A powerful and provocative read, enriched with links to videos and experiential exercises that allow you to dive deeply into your world to make meaningful discoveries. Take on the challenge brought to you by the book’s authors and not only reflect but also actively respond to questions, exercises and tasks in an interactive format.

Facing The Tiger is much more than just a book​!

Discover and grow with additional materials and learning experiences based on the concepts from the book.

Fulfill deep hopes: for pattern-interrupts, the possibility of transformation, and reconnecting with your inner source.

Bottom line personal benefits: purpose, power and peace.


A series of inspiring and powerful conversations with Dr. John J. Scherer and his Guests, available for free, live and on YouTube. Sessions are dedicated to Facing The Tigers which you find at home and/or at work.

Online Course

An intense online program based on Facing The Tiger concepts. Transform your life and your most important relationships at home and at work one day at a time with short, practical videos, revealing assessments, skill-practice and additional materials to help you apply what you have learned. 

The Virtual Workshop

A live, condensed session with one of our extraordinary ‘Tiger’ facilitators who will accompany you in this remarkable adventure of self-discovery. You have an opportunity for a premium learning experience at an affordable price and with a highly-engaging format.

Leadership Development Intensive (LDI)​

Program designed for leaders and individuals who are seriously thinking about ‘the next chapter’ of their life and are invested in personal development. This program is a truly life-transforming experience that has helped men and women from 55 nations unleash their unique potential.

Purpose, Power and Peace

Time and space for you to understand more deeply how your patterns and habits help and hinder you, and how you can truly develop in ways that bring more to your life and your relationships.

Executive Development Intensive (EDI)

A premium, private life coaching experience for leaders (with their Life Partners as an option) where you have the full attention of the facilitators ONLY on YOU! 

Follow-Up Coaching​

The one-on-one meeting with one of the experts in “Facing The Tiger” field to help you implementing all what you have learned during our courses into everyday functioning, to talk about the opportunities and challenges of a more authentic life.


Simply stunning.
Dr Terry Rogers
Medical Director, Lakeside Milam Recovery Centers, Seattle
John Scherer’s writing reflects the kind of wisdom won, or perhaps gifted, by a life lived in courage, openness, and service. Come to his table. Share in the feast. Bring your warrior heart.
Elizabeth Kanada Gorla
Leadership& Personal Development Coach
In this powerful book, John Scherer takes us beyond the everyday race to fix, change, and improve ourselves to a methodology that will actually enable us to live the life our hearts and souls are craving.
Dwight Frindt
Author, Accelerate: High-Leverage Leadership for Today’s World, USA
Find out WHAT you can become (a wiserhuman being), WHEN it can happen (any time of day), HOW (practice Facing the Tiger), and WHY (greater purpose, power and peace). I love this book!
Joanna Heidtman
Ph.D. Management and Leadership Consultant, Author, SENSO
While John’s book is written as a seemingly light touch self-help book, it is in fact a powerful teaching book, full of academic rigour, substantial applied behavioural science knowledge and insights, made easy to guide its reader to engage in a journey of home-coming to be who they can be. These exercises can be done by a work team, couples, families and partners at work. Facing the Tiger is a book we should visit and revisit frequently to ensure we are in a good place to do the work of the BIG SELF.
Mee-Yan Cheung-Judge
PhD, Founder of Quality & Equality Ltd, Global Scholar-Educator-Practitioner in Organisation Development

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