Purpose, Power and Peace

A 90-Day Deep-Development Experience with Dr. John J. Scherer

About The Experience from The Author

I have been waiting my whole life to offer this experience. Think of it as a 12-week ‘deep dive’, exploring who you are, why you are here and how to be more alive in the here-and-now of your life. Think of it as a non-religious spiritual-development experience.

From the Introduction to Facing the Tiger: Remember You don’t need to change yourself. You need to come home to yourself. This changes everything. . . And that means coming home to your Self.

Not the little self, the one that worries all the time, tries hard to impress people, and keep up the illusion of safety and control. I mean coming home to the huge Self, the one that truly lives and loves, knows why it’s here, and can’t wait for the next sunrise. The one that yearns to encounter the next challenging person or situation, because of what will be learned in that fire. Your true Self, your higher or deeper Self, the one who is waiting to be discovered or—re-discovered. That Self.

Dr. John J. Scherer

The outcomes

Greater Purpose, Power and Peace.

Who Can Participate

This experience is created for those who have completed the Leadership Development Intensive (LDI), Executive Development Intensive (EDI), an equivalent program, or receive special acceptance from John.   

Learn more about LDI’s/EDI’s!

Leadership Development Intensive

For leaders and individuals who are seriously thinking about ‘the next chapter’ of their life and are invested in personal development.

Executive Leadership Intensive

A premium, private life coaching experience for leaders (with their Life Partners as an option) where you have the full attention of the facilitators ONLY on YOU!


Early registration – $1200 +VAT

$1350 + VAT

Regular price $1500 + VAT



Your ‘Guide’ for this journey - Dr. John J. Scherer

Dr John J. Scherer (Scherer Leadership Center Founder & President) is an international expert on leadership and organization development, regarded as a ‘father’ of Organization Development as a science and practice in Central Eastern Europe.

Business and community leaders from 42 nations have graduated from his Executive and Leadership Development Programs.

A prodigious writer, his work has been translated into 15 languages. with his latest book being Facing The Tiger: Unleashing The Human Spirit at Work (2020).

He is known around the world for his ability to connect with leaders and front-line staff in bringing about profound individual breakthroughs and workplace-wide transformations.

8 Outcomes You Can Expect

  • Knowing the difference between problems to be solved and polarities to be managed
  • Being able to resolve un-resolvable conflicts productively
  • Tuning into the deepest personal source of power and strength
  • Unhooking from counter-productive reactions and patterns
  • Becoming a communicator who hears – and is heard – deeply
  • Working with a greater sense of purpose, power and peace
  • Turning work into a powerful vehicle for life-long personal and leadership development
  • Producing extraordinary results in the face of obstacles

This program is organized by Scherer Leadership Center.

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